Are toilet cleaning tablets safe?

We all want to find fast and easy ways to keep our toilets clean.  That’s why many of us choose to use the drop-in toilet cleaners that often come in the form of bleach-chlorine tablets. These tablets may seem like simple solutions, but they are often more trouble — and damage-causing — than they are worth.

They don't just cause damage to your toilet, but to your home’s plumbing lines, as well. 


In the 1990s, these toilet tank drop-in tablets were introduced as a fast and simple way to clean toilets. This innovation was believed to make life easier for those tasked with cleaning.

But, after these in-tank toilet bowl cleaner tabs were introduced, toilet manufacturers noticed an increase in repair calls on new toilets. Toilet parts that should not have worn out, we wearing out fast. They conducted further studies and discovered that the chemicals in the drop-in cleaner tabs are too be blamed. They gradually damage the flush valve, flapper and other parts in the tank.

They noticed these seemingly simple solutions for toilet cleaning are actually causing great damage and incurring significant repair costs for homeowners.

How Toilet Tabs Ruin Toilets

When dropped into your toilet’s tank, the toilet tab slowly dissolves, and the sitting water and caustic materials interact with the plastic and rubber parts, such as the gaskets and washers. These parts are highly susceptible to corrosion and wear. Eventually, toilets leak or don’t flush properly due to the damage caused by the in-tank tablets. The longer a tablet sits in a tank without a toilet being flushed, the quicker the damage to parts occurs. Homeowners drop these cleaning tablets in the toilet tank and leave, assuming the tablets are doing good work, but the cleaning tablets are actually slowly destroying the toilets they were meant to clean.

Tabs Damage More than Just Your Toilets 

Aside from the damage these tablets can cause to your toilet, they can get stuck in the flush valve while they are disintegrating — which then prevents the toilet from flushing by blocking water flow. These chunks of toilet tank cleaning tablets that get sucked into tiny passages can also prevent the bowl from refilling after flushing, severely slowing the process to an inconsistent trickle. When your toilet is leaking and not refilling properly, you may also begin to notice your water bills creeping up due to the damage caused by the in-tank toilet bowl cleaners.

Second, there’s also some concern about the cleaners being pollutants that must be neutralized once they enter the sewage treatment system.

Don’t Count on Your Toilet Guarantee

Toilet manufacturers are now putting warning labels on their products that “damage caused by in-tank tablets will not be covered under product warranties and should not be used.”

It’s better to clean the toilet manually on a regular basis, directly in the bowl, with cleansers and a brush. If you have especially hard water that leaves a dark ring in the bowl, use Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls.

 How is Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls is different?

Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls are a green and safe invention that does not release any chemicals into the water. If anything, equipped with a patented technology, it actually removes harmful chemicals that cause stain and mineral buildup from your hard water and ensures your toilets last longer and stays cleaner.  That is why, plumbers who recommend against tabs, recommend using Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls