Hard Water US Map

Given that 85% of the USA has hard water, the likelihood that you live in state or city with hard water is high. The following hard water map illustrates the varying zones of hardness across the USA.

hard water us map


Toilets, flushing system, septic pipes and other parts of your plumbing system can be negatively impacted by hard water, leading to issues with performance and premature failure.  

Hard water scaling and rust can cause your flushing system to lose up to 75 percent of its flushing power in 18 months. Hard water also interacts negatively with detergents, reducing its cleaning power. According to the Water Quality Research Foundation, the most important factor in removing stains was water softness.

Reduction of water hardness is up to 100 times more effective at stain removal than increasing the detergent dose or washing with hotter water. In fact, soft water can reduce detergent use by as much as half. 

Hard water scaling can also affect your health. The piping used in home plumbing, whether copper or PVC, has very smooth interior surfaces that don’t permit bacteria to settle and grow. However, hard water mineral build up inside your pipes create habitable areas for bacteria, such as Legionella, and other pathogens which can significantly affect your health and cause bad odours. 


Why Plumbers recommend Using Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls for Hard Water Areas

Researchers at the School of Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University found that soft water is up to 12 times more effective at cleaning than increasing the amount of detergent used.

More importantly, a water softener like Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls is the most functional and cost-effective means of removing hardness minerals from toilet. Using Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls reduces the need for detergents and high water temperatures, leading to a smaller household carbon footprint. This can help you save money on toilet and septic pipe repair/replacement.