Why are Hard Water and Limescale a Big Deal for Your Toilet?

We all dream of having a spotless bathroom with a sparkling toilet. However, stains from hard water and limescale in the toilet bowl can make achieving a sparkling toilet a time consuming and effort taking chore. Preventing limescale and hard water stains in toilets is not easy especially when you care about the harmful effect of chemical cleaners on the environment and on health. But with some green guidelines, it is a doable task.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The main harm is caused by the limescale formation that is not visible.

Limescale can cause many problems in your house, especially where water hardness is very high. Limescale can cause breaking up, leakage and waste of water and energy. Limescale is a nightmare for washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, taps, surfaces, toilets, etc.. 

hard water stains in toilets

In this post we would like to go deeper about problems caused by limescale in the flushing tank of your toilet. 

Limescale is well hidden in the flushing tank and it is not easy to find out its huge presence. 

Usually it is possible only to notice some yellow-reddish strips on the toilet bowl. This is only the first tip that limescale has been accumulated inside the tank, stacked on o-ring and the pipes. 

Along the time, limescale will increase incrostation causing breaking up of the system, leaking water, malfunctioning of the flushing equipment and other costly damage. 

Internal limescale buildup also causes bacteria buildup and foul odour.

How to Solve the Toilet Limescale Problem?

Aside from an unpleasant taste, hard drinking water nearly never has any negative impact on your health. In actuality, several of the minerals in hard water are essential for a balanced diet!

Hard water, however, can harm your toilet, causing expensive problems over time. Everywhere hard water flows through, limescale accumulates. 

Many solutions to toilet limescale problems are present in the market, but in this article we are not going to write what is the best or worst solution. 

We just would like to introduce you to our Pulitamin solution to the problem. 

First of all, when looking at the big picture, a tremendous amount of natural or non-natural chemicals products are used daily to clean all toilets in the world. By far the every day final destination of all these chemicals is the environment. 

Since it is impossible that any kind of anti limescale chemicals (natural (e.g vinegar) or not) might have 0 impact on the environment, our environmental chemists have developed an innovative system that can hugely reduce this environmental problem. 

Magic Eco Balls is an innovative bio-catalytic system that is specially designed to solve the limescale issues of your toilet and prevent leakage and any troubles to your toilet. 

It is simple to use and it is Eco-sustainable, because it does not release any chemicals into the environment. 

How Does Magic Eco Balls Work? 

A special enzyme is linked to spheres. The bio-catalytic action of the enzyme reduces the limescale content in the water, using only natural processes. It practically works like a traditional water softener device but with reduced cost and environmental problems. 

Easy-to-use sachet contains many bio-catalytic micro spheres. They activate when in contact with water in the flushing tank of the WC.  

It is extremely easy to install either in external and internal toilet tanks. Installing step are:

  1. Remove flushing tank top or cover; 
  2. Fix the hook properly to avoid it to fall down to the bottom of the tank; also ensure it is well away from the moving parts.
  3. Let the sachet drown into water; The Magic balls need to be in touch with the water in order to work.
  4. Immediately as soon as the water comes into contact with Magic Eco Balls, it activates its long lasting anti-limescale bio-catalytic activity:
  5. Its permanent and long-lasting efficacy prevents limescale and slightly removes rust stains and incrustation. 
Magic Eco Balls

What Are the Advantages of Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls? 

  • It is easy to install and does NOT require any kind of maintenance; 
  • it has a long lasting effect, it is effective up to 6 months; 
  • it is fully compatible with all flushing mechanisms, either external or in-wall toilet tanks; 
  • it keeps flushing tanks always working and clean; 
  • it helps to keep your toilet cleaner longer; prevents nasty yellow rust stains caused by hard water limescale from forming in your toilet bowl.

How About its Environmental Advantages?

MAGIC ECO BALLS is a sustainable and eco-friendly product:

  • It reduces limescale deposit with a biological process; 
  • it remove limescale without releasing any chemicals in to the water; 
  • does not contain any colour and perfume that might damage the environment; 
  • it allows you to keep toilet cleaner longer and save on use of cleaning chemicals; 
  • 100 % recyclable.

Try it

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