No, it does not release any chemicals. In fact, by softening the water, it also prevents hard water mineral deposits from forming and thus keeps the internal components of your toilet including the rubber flapper safe and healthy.

It is 100% Made in Italy.

Rust is the main enemy for toilets that use water for operation: in addition to being responsible for the proliferation of germs and bacteria, hard water deposit damages the internal components, compromising its regular functionality.
Unlike traditional solutions and products, that are mainly acid-based, Pulitamin does not contain acids and its neutral pH formulation does not corrodes gaskets and metal parts. We recommend that you use Pulitamin to keep your toilets in perfect working order. 

The product contains no dangerous substances for humans or for the environment and does not release any chemicals. However, any form of accidental ingestion should be avoided and careful reading of the product label is recommended.

Yes. It can be used in in-wall tanks. Just attach the hook to one of the fixed parts inside the box (eg hose) to prevent it from falling to the bottom and make sure the sachet is floating inside the water (touching the water).

Approximately 6 months for standard toilet use. If it i a public toilet, it is better to change it after 3 to 4 months.

Yes, it helps to avoid lime deposits inside the Geberit in-wall toilet tank, pipes, walls etc. Pulitamin MAGIC ECO BALLS softens the water contained inside the toilet tanks, preventing lime from settling in the various internal parts.