Recommendation & Tips

If you live in an area where the water is very hard and creates problems for the systems and taps, you know how this is a constant battle. You try various bathroom cleaning supplies with poor results and find yourself having to do expensive repairs especially when it comes to luxury toilets with in wall tank like Geberit boxes: A nightmare!

Using that automatic toilet cleaner that makes water blue, putting your face into the bowl to scrub the yuk with toxic chemicals, or even natural products may leave you with a toilet that looks clean BUT a toilet drain that is degrading & soon requires costly plumbing.

On top of forming ugly ring of limescale in the toilet bowl, Hard water interferes with almost every cleaning tasks. It causes lime and rust deposit on plumbing fixtures and poor detergent performance. Septic drain becomes clogged with scale and calcium buildup which reduces water flow and ultimately requires pipe replacement.

Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls is a heavy-duty yet eco friendly accessory for toilets facing rust stains that is PLUMBER RECOMMENDED. It prevents rust and stain from forming by softening the water in the tank without releasing any chemicals . As a Result, the water is certainly cleaner and no more deposits are formed. 

Pulitamin Magic Eco Balls is very easy to use; try it and it will solve many of your hard water problems [not just the calcium stain]. And above all, you stop scrubbing the yuk, using a sea of toxic rust removers or repairing continuously.


  • Replace every 6 months for places with moderate hard water and and every 4 months for industrial use and households in areas with severe hard water.
  • For best results, before the FIRST use, clean the toilet bowl with vinegar for cleaning purpose, pumice stone for toilet cleaning, or a reliable natural toilet bowl cleaner /rust stain remover of choice. We do not recommend the use of bleach.