Automatic Rust Stain Remover

User Manual
Installation Guide

Eco-Repel Rust with Every Flush

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Your easy-to-use sachet contains many bio-catalytic micro spheres. When in contact with the tank water, they get activated and start softening the water. Result is a longer lasting sparkly clean toilet, well functioning flush, and healthier pipes.

How to Install in external toilet tank

Eco Friendly Water Softener for Toilet

Step 1.

For longer lasting results, we recommend that you clean the toilet prior to installing the Pulitamin Sachet. You can use vinegar and baking soda to minimize the environmental impact.

Step 2.

Remove the tank cover. Fix the hook to the side of the tank, on the opposite side of the flushing system; ensure to hang the sachet properly so that it doesn’t accidentally falls down to the bottom of the tank.

Step 3.

Make sure the sachet is in contact with tank water. It doesn’t have to go deep in but needs to be in contact with the water.  Sit back and enjoy your longer lasting clean toilet and better functioning flush.

In as early as 4 days

Eco-Repel Rust with every flush

As soon as the water comes into contact with the spheres, their their long lasting anti-rust bio-catalytic activity starts. You will be able to see visible results as early as 4 days.

How to Install in in-wall Toilet Tank

On average, each Pulitamin sachet lasts for 6 months without requiring any maintenance. This alone makes it the optimal solution for maintaining your in-wall toilet and keeping rust away from all parts of it.